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Eagle Valley Rod and Gun Club


Why become a member of the gun club?

Here are some of the many reasons why you should join your local gun club.

  1. It’s fun being around other gun enthusiasts and concealed carriers. You have a lot to talk about.
  2. Your local gun club is a great resource for all kinds of shooters.
  3. More socializing leads to more gun talk, which leads to discussion about technique. This provides an opportunity to teach and be taught.
  4. We welcome women, youth and folks of all ages. 
  5. Training courses. Stay tuned to our events calendar.
  6. Club membership work bonds up to $100 if you volunteer!

Range Benefits

Range Access As a member you are given a key card to drive into the Club and park close to your favorite range.

Volunteer for a Work Bond
There are several events needing assistance and also the Spring clean up is exciting to see how much can get done with lots of help.  For the creative types we have a float in the Gypsum Days parade that could use your talents to help on making a great entry into the parade.  The process is simple.  We have a list of things needed at the club house and anytime you are ready put your name on the list and one of our Board members can verify the task is done and flag your membership to only require a membership fee for next years renewal for a savings of $100.

Rifle and Pistol As a member you are given the code to the shed for use of targets and spotting scopes.  

Trap Shooting As a member shooting trap is available at more times than a non member.

5 Stand As a member shooting 5 stand is available more often than for non members.